Friday, 9 December 2011

Someday Summary- Friday

I have seen a few of these 'Someday Summary' and decided to do one instead of a review (Going to Boots tomorrow to have a rummage), hope no one minds!
I was woken by a cup of tea and pancakes by Mum and was off to College by 8:35! I had a mock ICT exam today, so I studied, on my own from, wait for it, 9:20-2:00! I have never done that before, it actually made me proud! So I think the mock went well! Too many mocks and not the right time of year... The rest of my day was normal, went home with Mum, watched 'It's All About Amy' (LOVE that show) and revised some more.

Babysitting tonight with my boyfriend, Grant, in a beautiful house and we're going to get in the Christmasy mood and watch The Polar Express- one of my favourite Christmas movies (oh and that was my pudding)!
Hope I haven't bored you with my very boring Friday (apart from I get too see Grant)!

Thank you too my first 10 lovely followers, you're all gorgeous!

Will have a new review soon!
Hannah Rose


  1. I hope you enjoyed babysitting and watching films :). Im glad your exam went ok. xo

  2. @ Sarah- yes I did indeed! Awh, thank you! Your blog is amazing!

  3. hope the babysitting went well, so adorable that you are your boy friend are babysitting together hehe! :)