Sunday, 11 December 2011

Review- My Mini Boots Haul

So I went too Boots yesterday and picked up a few bits! Here's what I thought- (sorry of the lack of photos from the nail varnish!)

Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate Lipstick -01

Boots- £5.49

This colour is matte Hollywood red and it Kate’s signature lipstick, and it’s also the one she chose to wear to ‘Rimmel London Party’, where she presented her new collection to the public. I must say I'm impressed with this shade - it's so pigmented and the staying power is incredible!

Overall- 5/5- It does dry your lips out a bit but not enough to take off a mark!

Barry M’s Lash Modelling Mascara’

Boots- £6.19

Launched in November of this year, ‘Barry M’s Lash Modelling Mascara’. Now I’ve never bought any mascara from Barry M, thought I’d try it! The thin plastic bristle mascara brush, it comes in a purple tube with a click shut lid and promises length, separation and a ‘natural curl’. My lashes are naturally long and thick (I know, I’m lucky). So bear in mind with the pictures. The brush is quite harsh on the eye if you use it too forcefully, so be careful... I think honestly, for this mascara, it should be used as a base coat to separate and help prime the lashes for different mascara (or the other way round) - for this is works brilliantly. I think it’s a bit too costly for what I’m buying, but would buy again!

Overall- 4/5- A great buy for my own person lashes, if it was £5, I would give it a five!

Barry M Foil Instant Nail Effects -321

Boots- £3.99

We all know how popular minx has become and I’ve been wanting to try this for a long time! It’s packed with tiny glitters giving it a light catching shimmer, and the finishing product is more antique gold, but I like it. It’s not exactly foil, but does mimic foil at a distance.

Overall- 4.5/5- As always, a good price from Barry M! Not exactly done a good job promising ‘foil’ but I love it anyway!

Barry M Silver Glitter- 148

Also, because I spent over £6 in Barry M, I received a free Limited Edition nail varnish, retailing at £3.99! Bargain! I love the holographic cap, but only one coat does not do the polish any justice...! But with two coats, it’s very eye-catching and definitely puts you in a Christmas mood!

Overall- 4.5/5- I always love there nail varnishes (don’t we all) but I’ve taken away .5 because of the hastle of the two coats!

So I hope that has helped someone out there! Sorry that this post is a day late! I shall blog soon!

Hannah Rose


  1. I would love to get one of the Kate Moss lipsticks! x

  2. @iemilyw - You should, I only had to reapply it once on Sunday!

  3. I have two of the kate moss lipsticks and I'm totally in love, their lasting power is better than my MAC lipsticks, it just blew me away. You are totally right about the drying your lips out, and it doesn't taste so pleasant but soooo worth the buy, I want more colors too bad they don't sell them in America :(

  4. nice blog!!! we can follow each other if u want!!!
    xoxo Marika