Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Review- Basil Street, Nails Inc

I already own too many nail polishes but this one was free with Glamours December 2011 edition (which is £2!), so it's ok, seeing as this bottle retails at £11! Basil Street is situated in the heart of London (Kensington) and contains the most amazing chic town houses!

I've been looking for another nude for a while, and this is the best nude nail polish I have ever found. It's glossy on it's own, though I always use top coats! Nothing really compared to this shade. I know most people think they can't pull off nudes or think that it looks to basic, but I think nudes are clean, chic and timeless.

The colour goes with anything and is a light old lady mauve on me with an opaque creme finish, perfect for the office! Nails Inc. varnishes are a dream to apply, do not go 'gloopy' and, provided you apply the base and top coat, lasts for AGES. The formular is nice- self leveling and quick to dry. The fat round cap was not too bad, as it was good for spacing my still-wet fingernails when I painted.

Hope you enjoyed my first review! I really encourage all to purchase this ASAP!

More blogging soon!
Hannah Rose


  1. Hi Hannah, thank you for following my blog! This polish looks really cute on you, I wasn't sure if it might be too warm for my skin tone though. Plus I couldn't find it when it was free with Glamour! Ha ha. I did manage to get two other though. Good luck with your blogging, look forward to reading more. :-) x

  2. I got piccadilly which is a lovely red thats almost exact to Barry M's Raspberry! I love Nails Inc especially when you get a good deal with them! Great start to your blog, I shall look forward to reading some more!

  3. @Powdered Almond- Thank you for being my first follower! Thank you for your kind comments!

    @A little about Ayla- Thanks for following me, I've just been on your page and love it!

    More coming soon, thanks for making my day girls!

  4. Love this colour, nudes looks really classy I think :) x

  5. Love this color, complements your skin so well! :)

  6. Love it! and love that cupcake thing in the background! haha :) Check out my blog


  7. awww, adoring your little cupcake container in the background - its so cute!