Friday, 29 June 2012

Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick 'Soft Coral'

As you may have realised, I'm a big lipstick junkie. I don't have the money to buy MAC and YSL all the time, but I am happy with drugstore lipsticks and as I was on the lookout for a coral colour, I was so pleased when I saw this by Rimmel. The colour is 'Soft Coral' and the number is 600. It is a moisture renew lipstick which I haven't tried before, so I thought I'd give it a go. It's £6.29 and no one can complain about it being expensive. It's really worth the pounds for the product you're paying for. It comes in a bright, glossy purple plastic tube which I'm sure you're all familiar with. It's light and is overall fun!

The colour is coral with a soft pink undertone, which I think is great as the name isn't lying. It has tiny silver reflects in it which gives it a bit of a shimmer too. It feels a bit gritty actually because of the tiny glitter particles but they go once on. Soft Coral has a slight watery texture which allows smooth application and it applies glossy.

Swatch with light-
 Swatch with natural light-

 Swatch in light-

 Swatch in natural light-

Positives- Very easy to apply and is moisturising indeed, lasts long
Negatives- Colour fades easily- could maybe to with a base?

Overall, I love this lipstick and use it most days. I would definitely repurchase it as the colour works all day. What other coral lipsticks have you tired and liked?
Hannah Rose 

Monday, 25 June 2012

A Summer Primark Haul

Yes, this is the rather large Primark haul I have been promising, I hope you enjoy and you find something you like and have the urge to buy! These are things I have purchased on a number of trips to Primark along with my Mum. I could write a book on my local Primark, it's much messier than you can imagine, worst one I've been in, but at the same time it's very good.

Anyway, here's most of my Primark beauties...
Left to right- Blue beach dress £5 - Striped maxi dress £10

These two summer dresses should brighten this horrible rainy day for you! On the left is a short beach dress with white rope-like straps. I bought this to wear to the beach and pool on holiday. The right is a grey maxi dress with stripes that has a low front and back that is also for the poolside and wandering around on holiday.

These two collar vest tops are my favourite purchases in this haul. The yellow one is sheer and I wore it in my last OOTD. It has gold buttons and a white collar. The pink/ nude one has a black collar, no buttons and gold plastic detail on the collar which I think is very gorgeous.
Left to right- £10  £6

The usual shorts from Primark as I was in desperate need of light blue denim shorts and this amazing bikini I found! It's almost like dip-dye and I absolutley love it! Might take the padding out as it's a little too much boob-age.
Left to right- Blue denim shorts £5 - Bikini top £5 -  Bikini bottoms £3

Two cropped vests which I was in great need of. The great 
Left to right- Dark grey vest top with  black sparkly heat £4  - Light grey vest top with sequined flamingo £5

Hehe, these always make me giggle! I bought these to wear on the Diamond Jubilee weekend and got so many compliments! But I would say for the same number of compliments I got, I saw someone else wearing them!
Union Jack Washed Leggings- £ 10

Some bits from the underwear/ PJ's section are the two bandeau that I've seen around. I couldn't find the sea blue one I wanted so I bought these, to go under big vest tops or over a bikini. The pajamas are for my holiday to Turkey with my boyfriend.
Left to right- Both bandeaus £3 (I think)  - Pajama top £3 - Pajama Bottoms £3

Haven't purchased much accessorie type bits from Primark as it is literally like a bomb has hit the floor, so as I stayed on the outside, I found these. Usual hair slides/ kirby grips some pastel coloured bobbles of all sizes and a pastel ring that was in a recent OOTD.
Left to right-Slides £1 - Bobbles £1 - Ring £2

Who doesn't love a good pair of sunglasses for £2? As I loose and break them easily, I'm sticking to cheap and cheerful ones.

So that's my haul for you today! Hope you're having a good Monday, I have a very bad head from when 11 of my friends came round for some drinks and card games- it was worth it! I am going to Turkey with my boyfriend in 12 DAYS! And he comes home from Fiji in four days after being there for five weeks already! Hence all the hauls, I have to keep busy you see! Might do a What's in my..... for different holiday bits soon, as I've already packed! Overall I'm pleased with my purchases, speak soon.
Hannah Rose 

Friday, 22 June 2012

7 Things For 7 Days

As many of you (hopefully!) have been enjoying Louise's '7 Things For 7 Days' series, she has asked anyone and everyone to get involved and join in. All you have to do is set REALISTIC weekly goals to get motivated to achieve (writing lists is one of my motivational ways- I'm a big list writer) things you want to achieve.

1. Exercise- Now I think this shall be on everyones list in some shape or form. I went for a run yesterday morning and my knees are killing me. I wish there was a swimming pool or gym with in walking distance as I have not passed my test yet. Running at least three times a week will have to do.

2. Be an organised packer- I am jetting off to Turkey with my boyfriend in 16 days- ahh! I have a mental idea of what shoes to take and that is it... Need to write a list haha...

3. Cook- Not an eight course meal, just something nice for the family.

4. Make a decision- I am an awful decision maker. Terrible. Horrific. I sit there in a restaurant saying 'Gammon or a burger, gammon or a burger'... So my big decision will be what I want to apply for in Uni and tell my mother!

5. Stop spending so much in Boots- Because I live very very close to a Boot it's ever so tempting to wander in and buy two or three things but not a few times a week! Bad Hannah. I just don't feel I have enough lipsticks... Or eyeshadows... Or lip liners... Oh dear...

6. Less snacking on the bad stuff- Let's face it, it's not 'bad', it's bloody yummy. Crispy and chocolate and sweets just seem to fill me up more than a banana or an apple. But more snacking on the bad stuff equals fat fat fat, so lets see if I can keep it to one a day for a week!

7. Don't blog about unexciting things- Who's going to want to look at and read my blog if its a load of crap? I need to keep in with the trends and up to date in the blogging work. No slacking!

I hope you all will have a go, it's great fun and I could honestly think of seven more! Have fun!
Hannah Rose 

Monday, 18 June 2012

Good Day Sunshine- OOTD

Good day everyone! I'm going to my local bar/ grill for a meal tonight and I thought I'd show you my first OOTD!

Sheer Yellow Top- Primark
White Vest Top- Primark
Grey Leggings- H&M
Shoes- Dune at Debenhams
Earrings- Debenhams
Bracelets- Oasis
Ring- Primark
Sunglasses- Primark
Nail Polish- Barry M, Blue Moon

Hannah Rose

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Update and Haul!

Oh my gosh. I haven't posted a blog in over a month and I really miss it- sorry! Just haven't got round to coming on. The boyfriend is away for 5 weeks volunteering in Fiji (so proud) but I have been so busy and he is home in two weeks. I have a pile of stuff to review and show and I have been shopping non-stop for summer, although there is no point in this weather in UK. This is a quick part of a huge amount (which I forgot to post AGES ago) of stuff I've written all down to show and review for you all.

Firstly I bought this watch from River Island for £18 and I just died for it. I has a this leather brown strap with a gorgeous diamant√© outline and a bird with flowers in the background. I haven't seen this on any other blog which is quite surprising, but isn't it lovely?!

 This bracelet was in the River Island sale from £5 to £2 which I thought was great. It has a gold chain with a hamster hand with a diamond in the middle.

I visited Superdrug also and purchased the liquid eye-liner in shade 1 which I haven't tried yet same with the eye-shadow in shade 11.They were both £1. Will review soon.

This I couldn't live with. I love this eye make-up remover!! Its cheap at £3.39 and with a cotton pad is very effective although sometimes I get watery eyes but I think that's because I smudge eye make-up into it!

I'm going to be posting what I did on my Birthday, asap. Need to take pictures of what I received first and of my amazing surprise from my boyfriend. I have clothes, shoes, make-up, cosmetics, nail varnish and a possible room tour/ make up collection if enough people want to have a nosey! Will be posting soon!
Hannah Rose