Thursday, 15 December 2011

A Few Things I Would Like Under My Tree

If I had to sum it up in one picture, it would be these few items! If I don't get these, I'll probably end up buying them with my Christmas money anyway! I'm SO excited, it's unbelievable! I'm sure every blogger in the fashion/ beauty world will upload what they got for Christmas, as I shall be doing, so watch out! I'm due MUA make up from Superdrug soon, so a review on £1 make up will be soon! All so Disney Land- Florida, tickets but they are out of the question!

Hannah Rose

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Review- My Mini Boots Haul

So I went too Boots yesterday and picked up a few bits! Here's what I thought- (sorry of the lack of photos from the nail varnish!)

Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate Lipstick -01

Boots- £5.49

This colour is matte Hollywood red and it Kate’s signature lipstick, and it’s also the one she chose to wear to ‘Rimmel London Party’, where she presented her new collection to the public. I must say I'm impressed with this shade - it's so pigmented and the staying power is incredible!

Overall- 5/5- It does dry your lips out a bit but not enough to take off a mark!

Barry M’s Lash Modelling Mascara’

Boots- £6.19

Launched in November of this year, ‘Barry M’s Lash Modelling Mascara’. Now I’ve never bought any mascara from Barry M, thought I’d try it! The thin plastic bristle mascara brush, it comes in a purple tube with a click shut lid and promises length, separation and a ‘natural curl’. My lashes are naturally long and thick (I know, I’m lucky). So bear in mind with the pictures. The brush is quite harsh on the eye if you use it too forcefully, so be careful... I think honestly, for this mascara, it should be used as a base coat to separate and help prime the lashes for different mascara (or the other way round) - for this is works brilliantly. I think it’s a bit too costly for what I’m buying, but would buy again!

Overall- 4/5- A great buy for my own person lashes, if it was £5, I would give it a five!

Barry M Foil Instant Nail Effects -321

Boots- £3.99

We all know how popular minx has become and I’ve been wanting to try this for a long time! It’s packed with tiny glitters giving it a light catching shimmer, and the finishing product is more antique gold, but I like it. It’s not exactly foil, but does mimic foil at a distance.

Overall- 4.5/5- As always, a good price from Barry M! Not exactly done a good job promising ‘foil’ but I love it anyway!

Barry M Silver Glitter- 148

Also, because I spent over £6 in Barry M, I received a free Limited Edition nail varnish, retailing at £3.99! Bargain! I love the holographic cap, but only one coat does not do the polish any justice...! But with two coats, it’s very eye-catching and definitely puts you in a Christmas mood!

Overall- 4.5/5- I always love there nail varnishes (don’t we all) but I’ve taken away .5 because of the hastle of the two coats!

So I hope that has helped someone out there! Sorry that this post is a day late! I shall blog soon!

Hannah Rose

Friday, 9 December 2011

Someday Summary- Friday

I have seen a few of these 'Someday Summary' and decided to do one instead of a review (Going to Boots tomorrow to have a rummage), hope no one minds!
I was woken by a cup of tea and pancakes by Mum and was off to College by 8:35! I had a mock ICT exam today, so I studied, on my own from, wait for it, 9:20-2:00! I have never done that before, it actually made me proud! So I think the mock went well! Too many mocks and not the right time of year... The rest of my day was normal, went home with Mum, watched 'It's All About Amy' (LOVE that show) and revised some more.

Babysitting tonight with my boyfriend, Grant, in a beautiful house and we're going to get in the Christmasy mood and watch The Polar Express- one of my favourite Christmas movies (oh and that was my pudding)!
Hope I haven't bored you with my very boring Friday (apart from I get too see Grant)!

Thank you too my first 10 lovely followers, you're all gorgeous!

Will have a new review soon!
Hannah Rose

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Review- Basil Street, Nails Inc

I already own too many nail polishes but this one was free with Glamours December 2011 edition (which is £2!), so it's ok, seeing as this bottle retails at £11! Basil Street is situated in the heart of London (Kensington) and contains the most amazing chic town houses!

I've been looking for another nude for a while, and this is the best nude nail polish I have ever found. It's glossy on it's own, though I always use top coats! Nothing really compared to this shade. I know most people think they can't pull off nudes or think that it looks to basic, but I think nudes are clean, chic and timeless.

The colour goes with anything and is a light old lady mauve on me with an opaque creme finish, perfect for the office! Nails Inc. varnishes are a dream to apply, do not go 'gloopy' and, provided you apply the base and top coat, lasts for AGES. The formular is nice- self leveling and quick to dry. The fat round cap was not too bad, as it was good for spacing my still-wet fingernails when I painted.

Hope you enjoyed my first review! I really encourage all to purchase this ASAP!

More blogging soon!
Hannah Rose

And so it begins...

Hey everyone,
So this is my first ever post! I have been inspired by lots of online bogs to start my own which will mainly focus on budget (! I'm a student, don't you know) beauty products, clothes and accessories (yes, shoes!). I came across a beauty blog a few weeks ago and couldn't stop clicking on another and then another. I began to bookmark my favorite blogs and check them daily. It was interesting to see what people around the world were wearing that day, what cool new colours and designs there nails were, etc... I came to think of blogs as blend of reality TV and magazines.

So here I am, writing my first blog post... Im thinking this blog will be an approximation on my own personal magazine. I'm thinking a running list of my favorite things (Oprah can, I can).

First review later, more revision for me,

Hannah Rose