Monday, 27 February 2012

Valentines Day Summary and Lush Gift Set Review

Hello my gorgeous followers! I just wanted to share with you a quick post about my Valentines day (if you're interested). This is a picture of my boyfriend, Grant and I. His shirt is from Superdry and my dress was a handpicked Christmas present from him, from Lipsy- I'm so lucky! We went to ASK in town and had a lovely meal, unfortunately we only had two hours or so together because my man had work in the morning, but it was still amazing!

I woke up on Tuesday and found that a huge box had been delivered for me! Turns out I had received my first sent flowers to the door- half a dozen pink (my favorite colour) roses! So here they are on my desk!

Also, before we went out, he gave me another present! A Lush Valentines Gift set which I have been going on about because I just think they are so adorable and the packaging is to die for!

So the box contains four items from Lush-

1. It's Raining Men- Shower and hair gel.
This is my new favorite sent from Lush. The gel is thick and honey scented, it feels luxurious and a little always goes a long way from these bottles! Can't get enough of this scent!

2. Soft Coeur Massage Bar
This massage bar smells identical too Honey I Washed The Kids, which I love, so if you're like me, I urge you to buy this! It's quite pricey but the smell is to die for! It smells like honey and toffee covered caramel candies with chocolates in the middle. So YUMMY! The only thing is, this massage bar seems to take so much longer to warm up and use.

 3. Sweetheart Soap
This limited edition soap is definitely not too miss! It's very creamy and feels gorgeous on the skin. It also leaves a long lasting scent, which I think is important. It is “a sensual blend of jasmine, mandarin and vanilla to gently inflame the passions and get things moving in the right direction.” – very suitable for Valentines Day or any romantic night!

4. Silky Underwear Dusting Powder
This is like a perfume that leaves you sparkling and silky! Grated cocoa butter melts onto the skin for a silky sensation and the powders don't make your skin feel greasy. The scent is jasmine and vetiver. The name is perfect for the smell, it's very sensual and seductive- perfect for a night in with the other half!

 I bought him a jar of love hearts and a 501 movie checklist book, both from TK Maxx...

I really couldn't ask for a better guy, even if there was such thing!

Hannah Rose 

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

My Giveaway Win

So last Thursday I entered a giveaway over at Sarah's blog, Every Streets A Catwalk and I found out that I won! I've never won anything in my life! I won a necklace from a gorgeous online boutique called 'Peaches Boutique' and it came this morning and I was so excited!!

Some background information taken from there site-

Peaches Boutique Is an Independent Online jewelry Boutique. 
Showcasing an infusion of contemporary vintage inspired, funky, 
chic must have jewelry.
Peaches Boutique is a trendy boudoir owned and founded by two 
young ladies based in the heart of London. Patrice and Linessa 
whom are old high school friends, they came up with the idea of 
Peaches Boutique over dinner, after years of ambitious dreams of 
starting a business together. They launched Peaches Boutique on 
the 12th of July 2011.
At Peaches Boutique being fabulous, stylish, funky and individual 
is what we live by. We are an independent jewellery boutique priding 
our brand on being exclusive, stocking one of a kind, fashionable, 
kitsch pieces not seen on the high street.
Working along side our carefully selected designers and stockist 
we are able to roll out the red, well in our case the pink carpet 
and shower you with exclusive, irresistible, show stopping pieces.
Our ethos is simple LOVE LIFE, LOVE FASHION, LOVE YOU.
Keep it Peachy

They seem so fun and funky- like there jewellry! I love the phone ring and biscuit mirror!

It came in this gorgeous pink package with ribbon holding it together with the Boutiques name on it.

Once I unraveled it A letter and the item came out.

The item is a Princess Carriage Necklace and has a vintage theme about it. It is champagne gold plated and has a long chain of 80m.

I am so grateful and can't wait to wear this tomorrow! I urge you all to check out the boutique as they have FREE delivery and a sale on!

Hannah Rose♥

Monday, 20 February 2012

Beauty Note: Sweet Dreams

There's a reason they call it "beauty sleep". Getting 7 to 9 hours of sleep a night can actually improve your appearance. While you're dreaming of Prince Charming, your own magical body releases human growth hormones, which help you body create collagen, which gives your skin strength and elasticity. Also, while you are sleeping, your skin cells are regenerating and all the muscles in your face that create wrinkles begins to relax.

While the recommended hours of sleep you should be getting each night is between 7 and 9, this just simply isn't a reality for some of you busy beauties. So just think of this as a reason to catch up on weekends. According to FITNESS Magazine, when you have been asleep for only 5 hours “Your skin’s temperature reaches its lowest point and your muscles relax, giving skin its deepest recovery.” So hit the snooze button and dream a little longer.

Hannah Rose 

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Elf Haul

Hello lovelies, hope you all had a happy Valentine’s Day- I certainly did! Before Christmas, I received my first ELF haul (shame on me, I KNOW)! So here are my reviews for each product.

Daily Brush Cleaner- £2.45
I have never tried a brush cleaner before and my thoughts on this are that it looks nice and is cheap. I noticed a fragrance when I sprayed the cleaner. Maybe a floral or fruity fragrance? It does do a good, quick job after a few uses. But if you actually wanted to clean your brushes every day, I would recommend a more expensive product, as it would be worth it.
Overall- 6/10

False Lashes Dramatic Lash Kit- £1.50
I actually don’t wear falsies for personal reasons but I shall be giving these away later on in the year.

Mineral Moisturizing LiptintSPF 8  in Berry- £3.50
I actually didn’t buy this but it came in the box- bargain! I have heard that ELF are known for getting orders wrong! I’m so glad I received one! They are creamy and easy to aply and does soothe my lips!
Overall- 10/10

Hypershine Lip Gloss in Vixen- £1.50
This picture is the lip gloss applied over my lip tint. This lipgloss is smooth, not sticky and has good staying-power. But Contains paraben and mineral oil and there is no colour pay-off on pigmented lips (not even sheer).
Overall- 7.5/10

Nourishing Cuticle Pen- £1.50
This cuticle pen contains Avocado and Almond Oils, along with Vitamins E, A, C, Pro-Vitamin B5 and Aloe and according to the Elf cosmetics website, all these ingredients are supposed to "Relieve dry nails and flaky cuticles."  I actually didn’t  know what to expect but as I have been using this for four months now, I have definitely seen a difference with my cuticles and definitely provides a healthy, nourished, smooth look!
Overall- 10/10

Eye Shadow Brush- £1.50
This is such a good eyes hadow brush for this price! Supper affordable and quality is great! I effortlessly swiped over my eyelids and could blend colours smoothly. This brush definitely gets the job done.
Overall- 10/10

Concealer Brush- £1.50
Although this brush is very small, it is very cheap, firm, precise and can be used for concealer, eyeliner, inner corner highlight, brows, etc.  This is a must have brush for my collection.
Overall- 9/10 

Tone Correcting Concealer in Light Beige- £1.50
I thought this might be a little orange at first but once applied to my skin, it blended into something manageable. I would recommend this for a back-up! This concealer is also lightly scented.  It reminds me of oranges, but definitely citrusy.
Overall- 9/10

Brightening Eye Liner in ‘Exotic Green’ and ‘Teal’ - both £1.50
The pigmentation in these eyeliners were very faint unless I applied three or more swatches onto my hand, but what do I expect at the price?! Great price and comes with a sharpener. They don’t irritate my eyelids and are very soft!
Overall- 8/10

Shimmer Eyeliner Pencil in Plum Passion- £1.00
I bought this eyeliner because of the bright colour and cheap price! It is creamy and the colour does show up. It does not smudge but fades through the day. This eyeliner is not for use in the waterline as it just disappears the next second! The pencils have a sharpener cap that makes it easy to sharp it instantly and the tip of a specific color does not get messed or mixed up with the remains of other sharpened colors.
Overall- 7/10

TOP- Teal
MIDDLE- Exotic Green
RIGHT- Plum Passion

Thanks for reading my post my gorgeous fellow beauty addicts. I have a Valentines day post and MUA review coming up...
NOTE- some of these products were in the sale.

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Quick Haul

So I did a shop in town on Saturday as it was my boyfriends birthday! I purchased eight items, hope you enjoy my quick haul!

I love these tissues and this is my third pack, only £1 too!

This is a scarf from Peacocks and it was half price and £2

This is one of many that H&M do and is only £0.99

Gloves from Topshop that were supposed to be £10 and I got them for £3 in the sale! They are navy by the way!

If you saw my previous haul, you can see that I bought brogues, so I decided to buy these to go with them, all at £3.50 each and are from Dorothy Perkins

I LOVE Yankee Candles as you don't know, so this is my new one which was 25% off in my local shop, UNO, which does them. UNO always have two candles at 25% off!

This top/ dress is from H&M but is a bit too small for me but it was supposed to be £24.99 and I got it for £3!

This is just a basic top from Republic for £8 which my boyfriend kindly bought for me!

I am currently listening to my new album, Born To Die, by Lana Del Rey, which I am loving! It is Valentines day today and I can't wait to see him tonight for our meal! Hope you all have a good day! I shall be doing a make up haul soon!

Lots of love, Hannah Rose