Sunday, 17 February 2013

It's A Moustache Life

Sorry I haven't been speaking to anyone, got a lot of College work to do! So I have a love for moustaches. Not on men, just the way they look in general! I know this post is a bit random but I'm just sharing the love of moustaches... Omg I'm so weird...
Urban Outfitters- £9

Urban Outfitters- £25

New Look- £4.99

New Look- £34.99 £15.50

River Island- £18

River Island- £3

River Island- £2

Zara- £19.99

Topshop- £7.50

Topshop- £3

Topshop- £20

Now a few I found on Tumblr that made me giggle and I hope they make you giggle too...

 And to leave you with this man, Mr Charlie Chaplin!
Hannah Rose 

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Review- Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub

 Hello lovely bloggers, I just wanted to quickly share a product with you. This isn't very exciting as I'm sure most of you have bought/ used this already but this is one of my holy grail products. I bought this Lip Scrub from Lush a little over a year ago. I absolutely love Lush and having one in my town, I do make a stop every time I'm in town, I mean, what human doesn't feel the need to enter when they get a whiff of the shop?
I get dry lips now and again all throughout the year, especially during Winter. I wish I had gorgeous, plump lips, but I don't. Chapped, flakey lips are not very comfortable and I tend to bite the skin off (bad habit, I know) so I needed to find an alternative.

I have seen this product in numerous places and the packaging is very cute. A little glass pot with a signature black lid from Lush mashes well with the 'Lush look' and it's only £4.95. There are more options but this one stood out for me as it's pink(!) and smells like, oh yes, bubblegum! If you like sweet smells (and tastes I shall add, I sometime's lick it off as it is so delicious). I imagined this would be fun to swipe all over my lips and I was right.

To use the scrub, take a little bit of the product on a clean finger and rub gently in to your lips to exfoliate off all the dead skin cells.

As I was taking the pictures, I used this again and I love it. My lips feel soft as the sugar grains remove the dry skin/ peely bits. I use a Vaseline after applying this to moisturise my lips and I'm good to go!
Hannah Rose 

Wednesday, 6 February 2013


Top- New Look || Jeggings- Topshop || Shoes- New Look || Earrings- Topshop || Studded Bracelet- Topshop || Hand Bracelet- River Island

So I went out for a meal with 15 of my friends last night and we went to TGIF to celebrate end of exams. It was yummy and I had potato skins with bacon and cheese and then a huge american burger! I had a really good night, just wish I was 18 so I could go out after! Sorry for the crap photos, hope you're all well!

Hannah Rose 

Sunday, 3 February 2013

January Favourites

Hey everyone! Well that's it, January is now over. The post-Christmas anti-climax dull month. In all honestly, I haven't had the best January but roll on Spring is what I'm thinking. It's time for my first ever monthly favourite post for the new year! So here's what I've been loving and why....

Beauty Favourites

I received these beauties for Christmas and have never owned a good pair of straighteners. These were the scarlet deluxe ones and I was so happy to get them. They work so well and are really worth paying the money. The set came with a travel hairdryer and other bit, may do a review soon.

Soap and Glory- Hand Food
This product smells good and it actually makes my hands soft and non-greasy which makes it an all around great product. It's the best inexpensive hand cream I have tried and am on my second tube. I have been completely obsessed with the smell over the Winter!

Benefit- High Beam
 I'm sure you all know/ have this product. I use it every day on my cheeks as a highlighter and I don't feel right without it! It's a pink liquid that creates a radiant, dewy complexion for my angelic looking smile... Haha yeah right.

Vera Wang Perfume- Princess
I bought this in the Summer at an airport and this month it has been my go-to scent. The bottle is eye catching, and although it was £33, the not-to-sweet gorgeous scent is so addictive!

No7 Nail Varnish
Milan 110- This has to be one of my most loved nail polishes. I advise to apply two coats and this is the result! It dries pretty quickly and doesn't chip easily.

Non-Beauty Favourites

I love listening to their new album when I'm driving. Their sound is so fresh and different and I love the whole album, I reccomend having a listen. And they're in Reading festival...!

So Nebula is a local band that one of my friends belong too (he plays the drums). Listen to there three songs over and over again.The song 'Cloud 9' is amazing. Please have a listen on iTunes and if you like them, feel free to buy there EP!

Yoo Moo
If you haven't tried this, you need to. It's frozen yogurt, healthier than ice cream and my favourite flavour is the strawberry one. It just tastes amazing.

Twitter & Instagram
Since I have been so busy with work, exams blah blah, I have not had any spare time at all. Now that I do, I am back on Instagram and Twitter! Please follow me, I follow back!
Twitter- @hanrosewilliams
Instagram- @hannrosew

Temple Run 2
Who doesn't love this? It's so addictive and quick to play (and it's free!). I get it out in College, on a bus and play it in bed! Currently saving for a new character...

Topshop Scarf
I have been wearing this nearly every day since I purchased it. So comfy, thick and I think the colour is really lovely. Plus it was in the sale.

Hannah Rose