Saturday, 16 June 2012

Update and Haul!

Oh my gosh. I haven't posted a blog in over a month and I really miss it- sorry! Just haven't got round to coming on. The boyfriend is away for 5 weeks volunteering in Fiji (so proud) but I have been so busy and he is home in two weeks. I have a pile of stuff to review and show and I have been shopping non-stop for summer, although there is no point in this weather in UK. This is a quick part of a huge amount (which I forgot to post AGES ago) of stuff I've written all down to show and review for you all.

Firstly I bought this watch from River Island for £18 and I just died for it. I has a this leather brown strap with a gorgeous diamant√© outline and a bird with flowers in the background. I haven't seen this on any other blog which is quite surprising, but isn't it lovely?!

 This bracelet was in the River Island sale from £5 to £2 which I thought was great. It has a gold chain with a hamster hand with a diamond in the middle.

I visited Superdrug also and purchased the liquid eye-liner in shade 1 which I haven't tried yet same with the eye-shadow in shade 11.They were both £1. Will review soon.

This I couldn't live with. I love this eye make-up remover!! Its cheap at £3.39 and with a cotton pad is very effective although sometimes I get watery eyes but I think that's because I smudge eye make-up into it!

I'm going to be posting what I did on my Birthday, asap. Need to take pictures of what I received first and of my amazing surprise from my boyfriend. I have clothes, shoes, make-up, cosmetics, nail varnish and a possible room tour/ make up collection if enough people want to have a nosey! Will be posting soon!
Hannah Rose


  1. I love that bracelet! :)

    Natasha Carly x

    1. Ah I know, I can't believe it was only £2... Must be something wrong with it I haven't noticed!
      Hannah Rose xx

  2. I love the simple eye makeup remover, it's great!

    1. It's lovely but I've found a new one now, that doesn't sting my eyes haha!

  3. I love the bracelet and watch :)