Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Daily Beauty Tip #1

Mascara Application Tips

I know most of you may look at this and think, 'What? We all know how to apply mascara, I learn't when I was, like, 6.' I'm really not saying you don't, I just want to share with you all a few tips that I have picked up, mainly from Mum! Hope you get something out of this.
  • The one thing I want to stress about to all the females out there is NOT to pump the wand up and down. This is pushing air into the tube which is a cause of clumping. Instead, gently twist the wand round and round to pick up the product.
  • When curling your lashes, you could heat them up with a hairdryer (obviously not so they're burning- about 3-5 seconds), this really helps my lashes get that lovely flicked look.
  • If you're not good at applying to the bottom lashes, place a tissue underneath.
  • For a steady hand, tilt the wand slightly.
  • Don't be afraid to use different mascaras at the same time, there's nothing wrong with it.
  • To brush your lashes when mascara has applied, instead of using a specific brush, get an old mascara and clean the wand in a cap-full of makeup remover then wash with soap and dry. But remember to keep it clean and treat it the same as a makeup brush.
  • If you zig-zag the wand when applying, it seems to prevent clumps for me.
  • If applying more than one coat, make sure the previous one is dry first, this causes clumps.

When shall I throw out my mascara?

Well mascara is the one makeup product in your bag you need to keep an eye on. Bacteria literally breed there. Most mascaras with a tube and wand have an antibacterial agent in them (this should last about 6 weeks) making it safe to used one mascara for about four months. You're risking an eye infection the longer you keep them, and you don't want one of those. My friend had an eye infection caused by a nasty mascara, I wouldn't wish it on anyone! If the smell or texture changes, bin it, it's not worth it.

Hannah Rose 


  1. Great tips, is the last picture your eyes? If they are, they're gorgeous :')

    .Georgina Clare.

  2. This so great, I always wonder how to put masxara on in the best way. xxx

  3. Great advice about the mascara. Not many people know that even make-up has a shelf life! :) x

  4. Great tips! i will totally try a few!
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  7. Really good tips. Really good tip about how to use the old mascara because when I want to brush my lashes, I always use the wet mascara then my lashes get clumped.

    Also I think I keep my mascara for way too long.