Tuesday, 17 July 2012

H & M Haul

Hello blog world! As you may know, I have been away for a week in sunny boiling hot Turkey with my boyfriend! So to get back in to this, here's a little nosey into my latest H&M trip for you. My nearest H&M is actually really good most of the time although I still haven't found the bobbles with the rose gold plastic on it! Some of the prices might be wrong because I cut all the tags off as I took most of this to Turkey!

Left to right- £6.99 - £3.99 (I bought this to layer) - £

I think this mint lace vest top was £19.99 or £15.99 (sorry!)

The make up bag I bought because I am going on three holidays this year and its a great size and it's metallic purple! It was £4.99. The sunglasses case is to pop into any bag and its coral- yay! It was £1.99. The earrings were £3.99 and the bracelet was £4.99.

Black shorts £7.99 (which I also bought in blue but couldn't find them...

Hope you enjoyed that quick haul. What's your favourite item that I bought? Are you going to rush in and buy something?
Hannah Rose 


  1. I love the bracelet and the mint lace top - ill be having a hunt for that next time im in h&m! x

  2. loving H&M's pastels lately just bought some really cute color block heels!


  3. Ooooh love all this makes me crave a trip to H&M! xo

  4. i'm in love with the jewelry!! <3 H&M!

    I'm following your blog now

    Please follow mine xoxo <3