Thursday, 2 August 2012

My Summer Ready Stems

Sorry I haven't been posting, I´ve been to Rome with mychoir for 5 days and it was amazing! Now I´m in Ibiza for 2 weeks, I shall try and post a bit for you, miss reading all the posts! Hope eveyones having a great (maybe rainy) summer.
Some of you may be jetting off on holiday or that hot ball of fire may decide to make an appearance? Then again, whatever the weather, you want your legs looking lush. Here are a few of my personal tips that for getting your stems summer ready...

1. Moisturize. Twice a day- morning (after your shower) and at night, before bed so it can soak throughout the night. Pick a super rich moisturizer that contains SPF.
2. Drink Water. Keeping skin happily hydrated requires 10-12 glasses of water a day and more if you're excersising.
3. Exfoliate. A great scrub will scrub away dead skin cells (which you can't see) leaving your legs polished and primed for more moisturizer absorption.
4. Slim Down With Shimmer. Apply highlighter along your shin bones and up the centre of your thighs to reflect light and make them look thinner.
5. Add A Bit Of Colour. Paint your toes with a sparkly or bright colour to take all the attention away from your legs and it will look great in the pool!

And don't beat yourself down if you see amazing legs on an advert without any imperfections because I guarantee she has. Everyone has amazing legs.
Hannah Rose 

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