Tuesday, 20 March 2012

MUA Haul and Review

I am off College today so I thought I would post a very out of date MUA haul. 'There's no getting away from the fact this is the best priced cosmetics collection available in the country'. MUA is famous with UK bloggers for its £1 prices so I thought I would dive in and tell you all. The packaging is rather plain, but who’s complaining at £1? At least it’s not tacky right? Plus I have decided to cut down on the amount I write for reviews as I personally hate coming across huge paragraphs and would rather points! All of these products were £1.

I bought two eyeliners (shades 6&7).
Positives- Cheap, well pigmented
Negatives- starts to flake after an hour, takes 2-3 minutes to dry, applicator and product thickness means application can be difficult/ uneven.
Shade 6- Shade 7

Bronzer Shade 1 – Lightest shade
Positives- Very sparkly!
Negatives- Quite a gritty texture, more bronze than gold. Glitter leaves your cheeks very quickly!

Blusher Shade 2
Positives- Perfect for my skin tone (fair to medium), gave a natural flushed look.
Negatives- N/A

Lipstick Shade 1
Lipstick Shade 3- does tend to bleed and is very pink!
Lipstick Shade 8
Lipstick Shade 9
Remind me of e.l.f essential lipsticks.
Positives- Easy to apply, pigment noticeable, look more expensive, moisterising.
Negatives- Need to top up often as it does transfer.
Shade 1, 3, 8, 9

Pearl Eyeshadow Shade 8
Positives- Very pigmented, blends easily
Negatives- This colour is quite bright, not really my style

Sorry about the lack of posting, my charger is still broken and I have to place it in a particular way which is so frustrating! Plus I’ve had my cello exam which went good I think... Don’t want to jinx it!
Hannah Rose 


  1. I love mua eyeshadows. shade 12 is my favourite :)


  2. Very nice!


  3. Lovely MUA haul, I really need to try a few of their blushes xxx