Sunday, 29 January 2012

Primark Haul!

Hey everyone! I'm so sorry I've been lacking on blog posts, been so busy with College! But I have a few hauls to come! Thank you for following me beautifuls!
So I went to my town yesterday shopping with my boyfriend and did a Primark shop as usual!

So the first thing I picked up in the jewelry section was this nautical style necklace with a little boat on it! That was only £1.50, so that was cool...

Then also in the jewelry section was this pack of 9 earrings for £2, that include different flower ones and some pearls, can't pass on some earrings me!

Then this dolly bow hair band (always pick one up in Primark) for £1.50. I love just shoving my hair up and wrapping one round my hair on a bad hair day!

I was looking for a small purse to fit inside smaller bags and I found this gorgeous floral purse for only £2.50!

This top was £10 and has little flamingos on it (sorry if you can't see), I just thought it was cute!

I LOVE these earrings, little stag heads and only £1!

These brogue shoes were £8 and I actually don't own a pair but I need some new socks to go with them now!

Sorry about the quality of this picture (I know it's awful!) but it's just a sheer shirt that was £10, so I was pleased with that...

This next top is in the same style as the one above and I love this top! Wearing it now with the stag earrings and a white vest top underneath! This top was also £10.

I love this 'binocular' style bag that was supposed to be £6 and was reduced to £3 so lucky lucky me!

I found this 'Bikini Bag' that was £1.50 just to hold my wet bikini in the summer!

Then this grey skirt was the last thing I picked up and was £12 with the red belt included.

And that is it! My boyfriend also bought 3 x-box from Game that all look the same too me! Also we bought Eminem's film 8 Mile which was great! Sorry this was a brief post, I'm having my Sunday lunch in about five minuets! I have a few collections and hauls coming up including Lush, MUA and ELF! Thank you for reading my post and I hope you're all ok and enjoying life!
Lots of love Hannah!


  1. Love love love the black sheer shirt, got to get my hands on one of those babies :) Great haul!

  2. Im one of those unlucky people that can never find good things when I go in Primark =[
    Really enjoying your blog, would be grateful if you could check mine out too and possibly follow back or leave comments =)

  3. such lovely finds, what good bargains!

    Tanesha x